1511456_10101035594307503_8360599613836196147_nMy mild-mannered all-business office demeanor….
lol…ok, yeah…that’s not really me!
I’m a feminist, size-positive activist. I’m lucky to get to work and play with some of the best people on the planet. I live my life out loud, without shame and in respect of the world around me…unless it pisses me off and then watch out. I’m outspoken and have a lot to say about a lot of things. I love to dance and sing.  I’m surrounded by an amazing group of people through my community, my friendships and my family. I am inspired by everything and everyone around me in so many ways and I like to channel that inspiration into my favorite activities.

My slightly more professional bio reads like this:
Jeanette is a fierce fat feminist social justice activist, writer/artist, hip hop addict, and dance floor maven with a penchant for living life boldly and with passion. With an M.A. in English Literature from Portland State University and an ongoing interest in gender/identity studies, fat studies/activism, and education transformation she’s worked in operations and administration for several public and private universities and also does nonprofit work in an effort to return public education to the public.


Three of my favorite activities are writing, cooking, and diy crafting.  All are a forms of creative interaction with myself and others.  As much as these three activities are intimately personal, they also connect me to the external world.  My goal of this blog, is to both share the experiences I have through these activities and provide insight or inspiration into a creative life.  I hope you’ll find something here you can relate to and ideas that will inspire you to follow your own creative path through life.

The blog has three specific designations, (Food, Fodder, and Fun) to assist the reader in following a particular thread if they are interested in doing so.

Red Thai Curry Coconut Soup Ingredients

Red Thai Curry Coconut Soup Ingredients

About Food:  I love to cook and yet as a single woman in her early 40s, I realized one day that most of my meals were coming out of boxes, cans, the freezer, and fast food drive-thru.  So I decided to start cooking again. Really cooking. With fresh ingredients from the local farmers markets and some new cookbooks to inspire me, I’ve embarked on finding the joy of cooking again.

There’s no fancy dinnerware, or photography. Just me in my small apartment kitchen, with basic cooking tools, and an iPhone to capture the final result.  I’m not an expert on foods and nutrition.  But what I do know is that food has the potential to give us more than sustenance.  The experience of working with food can heal us, bringing to the surface our individual creativity, food brings people together, builds community, and has the potential to change us.  Its these experiences, beyond the food itself, that I intend to share in this blog.  Along with recipes, ideas, and anything else that happens to come up along the way.

About Fodder:
Fodder is everything on a variety of subjects from my perspective. Its how I view and approach the world, stories about friends and relationships, drafts or partially written pieces of fiction or autobiofictionography, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

Fabric Art JournalFabric Art Journal

About Fun:
Fun is projects, crafts, and other random things.  Simple artwork, projects with tons of tulle, and other creative what-nots…




Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
I hope you enjoy reading and exploring these pages. 

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