Adventure is always a good idea…

Like most people I know, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook’s reminders of posts and events from 1 year ago, 2 years ago and more. And don’t even get me started on their attempt at allowing you to filter out the memories you don’t want to see, by date and tagged friends, seriously? But today, remembering was good. Although, lets not give all the credit to the book of face, I’ve been thinking about today for a while now, remembering, taking inventory, reflecting on the year gone by. There are milestones in all our lives that we mark, both those that are common (birthdays, weddings, deaths) but also those that are unique to each of us….

Today is the “official” anniversary of the #adventure2015. On this date last year, I was packing up the last of my belongings in to my car and heading off away from the home I’d known for 10 years, friends, job security in search of adventure on the open road, new experiences, and good works. I’ve shared a lot about this journey in various forums and the posts where I captured some of the more engaging moments of the adventure can be found here in this blog over the past year. For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about today, the past year, how to mark it, what to say and share with others, all these things. Life has changed a lot for me. It started before I left on the adventure and that change and personal growth has continued, IS continuing everyday. And while I have moments of wishing I would have stayed put in my comfortable apartment, dancing on the weekends with the girls, and enjoying life in the sweet little niche I’d carved out for myself, I really have no regrets about the decision to go, explore, adventure.

After sharing that today was my “adventure anniversary” with a friend via text, she responded with “Ten things you’ve learned. Go.” I couldn’t think of a better way to share today with all of you, than to share the most salient things I’ve learned from the past year. I’ve added an 11th thing, because it resonates with me in ways that I’ll write about down the line. My take away from all of this: adventure is always a good idea.

Thanks for all the love and support you’ve shown as you’ve gone along on this adventure with me. The adventure is never over…


ten things you've learned go

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