Feeling Crafty

Last Saturday morning about 4 am, I was wide awake laying in bed wondering how I might better organize my jewelry. I don’t wear much, but in the past year I’ve become slightly obsessed with cocktail rings. They were starting to pile up on my dresser and they are so bold and beautiful that I really was doing them a disservice. So I opened up the web browser on my smart phone and searched for “ring organizers.” There were lots of options, but none that really caught my fancy. And then it came to me. Why not make something that would display and organize most of the jewelry I wear regularly. And I came up with a plan.



Modified from a padded bulletin board concept, I put together a framed organizer using fabric, batting, high density foam, foam core board, and a frame I’d picked up at SCRAP for $5. I used the design of a dresser top ring organizer and created padded “slots” with the high density foam for the rings to slide in to. I chose a fun and bold fabric that matched the colors of my bedroom decor and sewed on buttons to hold necklaces. I’ve used quilting pins to hang the tiaras above the rings. I’m pretty pleased with the result. I like quick craft projects. And this one would have taken an afternoon, if I hadn’t been derailed by other life stuff. So I finished it up over the course of about 2 days, all told.  I didn’t have a pattern or a plan, that’s pretty much how I work.  But if you are looking for basic directions to get you started that you can modify to your needs, I would start here.

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