Halloween Cookies

In preparation for a planned day of cooking goodies with a friend for the upcoming spooky holiday, I purchased this nifty cookie sheet by Wilson.  Note that the information for it says: “Make perfectly shaped cookies every time.”
Color me surprised that although I used the cookie sheet three times to finish the one batch of cookie dough, not a single one came out “perfectly shaped.”  Instead, my cookies spread out onto the pan creating circular backings to the raised image, which in all fairness, the cookie sheet does have a circular indent around each shape.  After the first pan baked, I used less dough in the second and it still raised around the edges.
And I’m ok with that, because really is there anything perfectly shaped in this world?  I doubt it.
I used the recipe on the package of the cookie sheet for sugar cookies.  It was pretty good.  I whipped up a quick white frosting with powder sugar, vanilla, and water.  My trick for decorating cookies without spending a lot of money on decorating tubes and tips, is to mix up colors in small snack-size zip baggies and cut a small bit of a bottom corner off.  It works perfect for decorating and outlining.
So there they are.  They don’t look like the packaging says they should and that is super.  We could take a lesson from these cookies — we don’t all need to come out of the oven looking like the image on the glossy packaging or magazine page.  The cookies are delicious no matter what.

Here’s a fun little Halloween video for your entertainment.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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