In The Groove

I went to this “Get Your Groove Back” workshop in the city on Saturday.  I wasn’t really feeling like I had lost my groove, in fact pretty much the opposite, but my awesome friend Sarah asked me to go and I also feel like it doesn’t hurt to spend time with other women in a supportive environment, learning solid life skills.  You know, for those moments when the groove is feeling a bit shallow.  It was a small group of women and the leaders of the workshop were kind of the corporate life coach type of people who work primarily with women.  Which has both its ups and downs, particularly if you aren’t the corporate kind of person.  What I did appreciate, was that one of the leaders is starting Project Enough, which focuses on how to help women be enough in every aspect of their womanhood and life.  Something I am completely passionate about as I have struggled with the concept of being “enough” pretty much my entire life…with the exception (for the most part) of the last couple of years.   It was a short workshop, just over a couple of hours, and so there wasn’t a lot of real deep digging but I think that we all walked away with some ideas of useful tools to help us be comfortable and confident with ourselves in this crazy world.

One of the activities we did was to create a vision board.  I think that this project is often a go to for busy work in workshops, but I personally really enjoyed it.  I’ve done vision boards, vision journals, vision lists, etc before and so I was no stranger to the process.  I was slightly disappointed by the variety of magazines we were given to create from.  In an environment that should have been celebrating inclusivity, the magazines were US/People, Architecture Digest, 7×7 SF….basically print mags that cover some of the most elite and exclusive lifestyles in existence.  But I found a way to move beyond that.  Instead of pictures, I pulled out words.  I found my self giggling a lot.  I saw this advertisement with a small chihuahua and the tag line “the whole enchihuahua” and it tickled my fancy.  I still have no idea what the ad was for, but the tag line had me laughing out loud every time I looked at it.  (Have I mentioned how obsessed I am about my own small little chi?)

Anyway, here is the vision board I created:

Workshop Vision Board

It pretty much speaks for itself.  My mission is to love and live life out loud, give people more chances, live creatively, without reservations and escape the ordinary.  Strive to be my personal best, not living up to someone else’ expectations.  I also will fill my life with fashion, food, drink, style, love and sex.  Lots and lots of sex.  (side note: when we shared our vision boards, I said “and sex, who doesn’t enjoy sex?”…you could hear vaginas closing up around the world.  Why can’t we talk about sex, especially in a room full of women.  It’s the one place we should feel the most comfortable talking about it, or at the very least saying the word.  What’s the deal women?  Love yourself enough to be open and honest about sex, would ya!!!)  Anyways, perhaps a subject for a future blog.

I think vision boards/projects of any variety can be very useful.  They can remind us what we value and the direction we want our lives to be moving in.  I do think that the process of creating such a board or list can help us find where we may have gotten derailed and also help us find a way to refocus on what’s important.  It’s also why it can always be useful to attend a workshop geared towards getting your groove back, even if, like me you feel like life is totally groovy!!!



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