Nacho Average Pig!

I wanted to drop a quick post to let you know that last night I did not fix the left over pork chops with Ramen noodles for dinner.  I’d had a disappointing Pad Thai experience for lunch and the last thing I wanted was soggy noodles. Plus with all the stress, I kind of was craving something cheesy/salty.  So I diced up the remaining pork chops cooked with apricots from the night before and mixed them with some mango-lime salsa I had on the pantry shelf.  I melted some shredded cheese over a plate of tortilla chips, and then spread the pork salsa over the top.  A little dollop of sour cream and I was set.

The conditions of the last couple of weeks, being busy and stressed, are exactly what has sent me, in the past, to the fast food drive thru and prepared food aisle.  What this has all taught me about cooking fresh and from the source, is that it doesn’t have to add to that stress.  And most importantly, I can be appropriately nourished during a time when I need it the most.  And cooking, even simple and quick can be that slight distraction at the end of the day that helps to nourish not only my body, but also my soul.

2 thoughts on “Nacho Average Pig!

  1. Oh. Have you ever had actual pork salsa? It’s sooo good. But the trick is in the slow simmer to infuse the flavors of green chiles, tomato, olives. Very delish. I may have to make it soon.

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