Pig in a Blanket – Different Day, Different Dog

So I grew up in Nebraska and I seem to recall eating a lot and I mean A LOT of hot dogs.  Not that I minded so much.  What’s wrong with a hot dog? (seriously, just don’t think about it). When I was in kindergarten, and only in school for half a day, my mom would pick me up and I believe most often I asked for “hot dogs and gooky cheese” (that’s cream cheese in adult speak) for lunch.  We ate “Wranglers” an all beef brand, that most often got tossed in the skillet for a little heat, thrown into a bun, split open and spread with a glob of gooky cheese.  It was good.

I’m one of the few adults I know who eats hot dogs as a regular staple of my diet.  Of course I enjoy the “outing hot dog” when you are out and about at a baseball game or see a vendor on the city street corner, but I like them at home too.  Sometimes just on their own, often with macaroni and cheese (yes I’m still a bit of a child), and most recently wrapped up in their own little “blanket” and baked in the oven.

As a kid, my mom occasionally made the “pig in a blanket” version of the hot dog. (Though if they were beef hot dogs I’m not sure how the name applies).  I don’t recall exactly how, my visual memory recalls a batter the dog was dipped in and then deep fried, but I could be wrong (who doesn’t enjoy a good deep fried dog?).  And she may also have used the canned crescent roll version that I’m about to suggest.

Now as adults I’m pretty sure we’ve all been to that friend or neighbors holiday or cocktail party where they trot out these tiny little sausages (hot dogs) wrapped in a warm, buttery slice of dough.  They are good, we eat them.  I doubt many people consider them an actual hot dog.  They are “Cocktail Wieners.”

I make them at home too.  I made a couple last night of the larger variety.  A bratwurst wrapped up in a crescent roll dough and popped in the oven for about 13 minutes. Mix up your favorite cocktail (pomegranate vodka) or grab a soda,  and violin you have dinner.

Its not fancy, its not rocket science.  But after a long day at work and/or a rough conversation with someone you love or both, they are easy, yummy, and comforting.  And perfect for one or more.

Basically, I’m saying that you don’t need a party to have a cocktail and you don’t need a cocktail to have a wiener!! 

You can find a recipe for the cocktail variety here.  And for the full size version just wing it!


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