pluot galette

i was so thrilled when i saw that the pluots had arrived at the farmers market a couple weeks ago.  not only is the fruit itself delicious, its just a fun word to say: “pluot.”

i bought several of them in a couple of different varieties.  i love the green pluot, commonly known as the “flavor grenade” to eat chilled just out of the fridge.  the red variety has more of the texture of the plum and i find that they turn quicker than the others.  after a couple days of eating pluots cold and raw, i needed a solution for preparing those that remained before they were over ripe.

i reached out to a good friend on facebook who i know is an avid baker/cook.  she suggested a simple recipe for a galette.  i’d never heard of a galette, but i thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.  i looked up galette on the internet so i would have an image of what i was working towards.

what i learned is that this is a quick, easy pastry that is full of flavor.  its perfect for a late summer evening and would pair wonderfully with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

i hope you’ll give it a try.


your favorite pie dough rolled into a roundish shape, pluots peeled or not (i peeled) sliced and sugared, toss with 1T of flour and put in middle of the dough. add some dollops of butter, almond flavor (i did a cap full) and fold the dough up and around so that the middle is still open. brush with water, sprinkle some sugar over the top and bake at 375 till the fruit is soft and dough is lovely color.  for my oven this was about 40 minutes.

(courtesy of kate kerr)

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