Star Light, Star Bright


image by Robin Hallett

I can’t tell you how many times as a child I looked up at the night sky and repeated these words, over and over at times oh so hopeful that my wish would come true. Looking back, my inquisitive mind thinks it might have been a good idea to keep a record which of those wishes actually came true, so as an adult I would at least have a statistical basis for wish making.

It’s been several years since I truly made a wish. By which I mean a wish verbally expressed, birthed from a desire deep down in the core of my being and pleaded to the stars above. It was my birthday yesterday, emboldened with the knowledge of Mercury coming correct and an assurance from a friend that the stars would certainly be on my side, I took whatever risk there was and made not one, but two wishes.

The first of these wishes was for me, very personal and will go without sharing. The second wish was for you.

Maybe I’m reaching by calling it a single wish, because within it were the many things I wish for you:

  • A life with no limits you can’t overcome; of abundance; full of all the necessities and enough of the wants.
  • A fearless life where you are emboldened to take chances and leap, sometimes without looking.
  • A life where you get to do what you love and love what you do and where you are doing it.
  • A life where challenges are welcomed adventures and opportunities for growth.
  • A life of acceptance: of yourself and others, without caveats, and with celebration of your uniqueness and gratitude for all that brought you to this place.
  • A life of peaceful presence where the past was, the future is not yet and all that is important is here and now.

Most of all, I wish for you a life where you live your truth every day, without fear.

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