Unfinished Words

From time to time, inspiration for writing strikes or is–well, triggered.  Some times a piece is complete, often its not.  These are my unfinished words.  I will share them here from time to time in hopes of capturing them more in their entirety for future works or just to preserve them as they are.

Written 5/2/2012 12:30am…

It’s this one.  Moments like these when the darkness overcomes you and every pore of your body is crying out for respite.  When you reach out for the comforting reassurance of another and realize you are alone.

It no longer matters how you got here, you are here.  Hyperventilating, your body contorting as if possessed by a demon.  It is, in part, an exorcism.  You’ve had that insight, that moment of clarity, regardless of how excruciatingly painful it is that he is only ever going to be capable of hurting you.  Hurt.  Even if he’s not trying to, everything he does and says, the very essence of his being fills you with it.  He has no capacity for seeing or understanding it.  Does not feel the sharp edges of his words slicing through the beating tissues of your unprotected heart.   He smiles, licks his lips.  Nodding a brief acknowledgment in your direction, blind to the broken shadow of the woman he once claimed love for.

You were only his prey.  And leaving you cold and lifeless, he moves on.

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